JCTrans is a global logistics community ensuring safe and fast logistics transactions and settlements. It enables traders to seek freight forwarders, to expand procurement channels and offer logistics solution services to global partners to build long-term cooperation relationships.

As a member of JCTRANS global network, we are able to offer you worldwide FCL, LCL (consolidation)
and break bulk solutions.

TLN (Transport and Logistics Netherlands) is the business organisation for road transport companies and logistics service providers.

TLN is an association with 5,000 members.

Being a certified partner of TLN (quality mark) guarantees that we operate according to the CSR, international solvency requirements and controlled process for continuity of our services to you.

AEO stands for Authorised Economic Operator and is an internationally recognised quality mark.

Having AEO status is not compulsory, it gives faster access to mandatory procedures for customs. It can get your shipments through safety and security procedures much quicker.

As our mission is:
“Unburding and securing continuity of the logistic processes of our partners”. 

We chose to be an AEO certified company indicating that our role, as a Logistics Service provider, within the international supply chain is secure and our procedures and customs controls are compliant and efficient.

So you know what you to expect.

NVWA Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit.

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) monitors animal and plant health, animal welfare, and the safety of food and consumer products, as well as enforcing nature legislation.

The NVWA is an independent agency in the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and a delivery agency for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

As you may know, our vision is:
“Create a sustainable supplychain, through innovation, out of the box thinking and consistent performance”.

We have our own (certified by the NVWA), Authorized Inspection location for the mandatory inspection of food, consumer products and safety.

This means that we can facilitate the mandatory inspections, cost efficiently and guarantee a secure continuity of your logistic process.