VAL activitities

Value Added Logistics, also known as “additional services added to a product during the logistical process”.

Order picking, stock management, quality control, packaging, repackaging, labeling, pricing, assembly, and installation activities are some of the VAL activities that F.I.T.S. Logistics takes care of for various clients, in-house as well as on location.

By making use of the custom developed and innovative WMS system, called iFITS, it is possible for customers of F.I.T.S. Logistics to enter orders online, to check the status of their shipments and have the correct inventory available at their disposition in real time. iFITS is organised in such a way that linking with most other ERP systems is a possibility.

F.I.T.S. Logistics carries out daily inventory checks, based on the so-called cycle count. The advantage for the client is, that there is a constant check of the accuracy of his inventories. Through weekly reports of the KPI’s, the contacts of F.I.T.S. Logistics are constantly informed about the stock position of their products.

F.I.T.S. Logistics has the VIHB registration at the NIWO, as a transporter, mediator and trader in residual- and waste materials. We are capable thereof to correctly be of service to the clients in the last link of the Supply Chain as well.

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